For the best value for money, check out our super-fun hire packages! For all packages please check the individual items age recommendations on the Toys page.  Please note that prices DO NOT include delivery.

The kids will love trying out new and exciting toys!

Cars Package 

Includes: Square ball pit with slide, rollercoaster, 3 cozy coupes, 2 motorbikes, 2 motorbike rockers, 6 streets signs and mats to cover 2.4m x 3.6m. 

Hire: $199.00


Tiny Tots Package

Includes: 1.8m Soft square ball pit, 4 piece climber, soft pony, 4 stepping stones, mats to cover 2.4m x 4.2m

Hire: $159.00

Add a playpen fence to enclose the play area for just $45!


Mini Movers Package 

Includes: 1.8m Soft square ball pit, rocking horse, crab seesaw, fish, rollercoaster and mats to cover 2.4 x 4.2 m.  *

Hire: $159.00


Gus' Garden Package 

Includes: Hexagonal ball pit, 2 Ponies and Gus Tunnel and mats to cover 3 x 3.6 m. Please note Gus measures 2.2m long

Hire: $175.00


Party Package A

Includes: Hexagonal ball pit, rollercoaster, twin slide climber, 2 x Bouncing animals and mats to cover 4.2 x 2.4m. *

Hire: $175.00 


Little Legs Package

Includes: 1.5m Soft Square ball pit, soft steps, 2 x Bouncing animals, Hart 4 piece climber, 12 Soft Blocks and mats to cover 2.4 x 3.6 m.  *

Hire: $159.00

Add a playpen fence to enclose the play area for just $45!


Party Package B

Includes: Hexagonal ball Pit, Whale or Crab See Saw, Pony and Roller Coaster and mats to cover 3 x 3.6 m. *

Hire: $159.00 


Ultimate Play Zone 

Includes: Hexagonal Ball Pit, Gus tunnel, Twin slide climber, Rollercoaster, 2 Rocking ponies, 2 Bouncing animals plus mats to cover 3m x 5.4m. *

Hire: $259.00


Grey & White Package

Look under our "Neutral Packages" for options and pricing.


*Please note that rocker, seesaw & bouncers may vary from the design shown in the image.

*For all items above please see individual items on this website for manufacturer’s age guidelines.